Life Preservers Inc. is a New York State non-profit arts organization with the sole mission of raising money and awareness for those nonprofit organizations providing services and welfare to the victims of sexual and human trafficking. We hope that through increased awareness and financial help they will reclaim their lives, peace and a safe place in society.

Every year millions of women, children and men are brought into this country for the purposes of sexual exploitation and human slavery. New York and New Jersey airports are recognized by the US Department of Justice as "major ports of entry" for the traffickers and their victims. The Life Preservers Project gives artists a unique platform to create works of art that will both educate through the power of content and simultaneously raise funds for the nonprofit organizations that are devoted to helping these people reclaim their lives.


Please join us in this important battle to end modern day slavery.

Call Toll Free to Report Human Trafficking:
If this is an Emergency, call 911

Non-Emergency Reports
National Hotline (Multi-Lingual) 1-888-3737-888
Korean Hotline 1-888-976-5274
Spanish Hotline 1-888-80-AYUDA (1-888-80-29832)

NYC: Call 311 or visit NYC: Lets End Human Trafficking

Further Resources include:
State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
Department of Health and Human Services Anti-Trafficking Program
Department of Homeland Security Anti-Trafficking Program
Trafficking in persons, or human trafficking, is a tragically widespread form of modern-day slavery. Pursuing and prosecuting traffickers and rescuing victims of trafficking are high priorities of the Department of Justice. The Office of Legal Policy coordinates the development of the Department's anti-trafficking policies and is responsible for compiling the Attorney General's Annual Report to Congress on U.S. Government Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons and the Assessment of U.S. Government Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons. The Assistant Attorney General serves as the Department's representative to the Senior Policy Operating Group, an Executive level policy implementation group created to address emerging inter-agency policy, grants, and planning issues. [More information at USDOJ site]

"Human trafficking is a violation of the human body, mind and spirit. For this vile practice to be taking place in a country that the world looks to as a beacon of freedom... is a terrible irony and an utter tragedy."
- Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, 2006 National Conference on Human Trafficking