Life Preservers Project is an International Collaboration of Artists dedicated to eradicating Human Trafficking. We use the arts to educate and  entertain while raising awareness and much needed funds for the victims of Human Trafficking both locally and internationally. Launched in 2009, we have hosted several large fundraising events. This would not be possible without the help of Legal Industry Networking Groups including: B-Discovery, PALS, NY City Paralegal Association and ECALSM. The help of these groups and the generous donations from several of the nations largest Legal Services Providers helped us to raise over $40,000 to date that was in turn donated to organizations that directly provide services to the survivors!

Join us Tuesday December 10, 2013 for our 5th Annual Toys for Tots Event

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Notable Past Events Include

4th Annual Fundraising Event at Toshi's

Featuring Art and Fashion Produced by the Survivors

We raised over $10,000
June 12, 2013
This would not have been possible with out

, our MC Lou Mancuso,
Model/DJ's STADJ, AND Lohrasp Kansara

We hosted a silent auction of a series paintings curated by Marco Gallotta and Savior El Mundo that were a collaboration between 40  Survivors in Cambodia and several NYC Artists.*
Video  Shot and Edited by Theo Dora of Blap Blap Media                The Auctioned Art!! Raised over $2000

       Past Sponsors Include
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